Monday, April 21, 2008

monday mosaic

it was a pink weekend.

it all started around 3pm on friday. a weird, out-of-nowhere craving for strawberry milk grabbed me and showed no mercy. I had to succumb. strawberry milk? the last time I drank pink milk, I was about eight.

I was delighted by it's frothy pinkness and thought, "I don't have enough pink in my life." I'm drawn to deeply saturated mid-tones and raspberry and plum are the closest I normally get to pink. or are they? throughout the weekend, I found pink poking it's strawberry shortcake head into my life in a variety of ways:

  1. cold strawberry milk
  2. azaleas in my yard
  3. my favorite hi+lo fragrance mix: 1 spray fracas + 1 spray love's baby soft (try it, it's amazing!)
  4. an abandoned pink lady, on the market for over a year. a great price, but in a somewhat sketchy neighborhood
  5. a sweet note from my sweet man
  6. three sweet & lows in every cup, I'm so about the faux sugar
  7. my favorite summer skirt (jeez, it's a tad snug, must tend to that)
  8. hooray for havianas weather
  9. simon's pink tongue (I don't know how it fits back in his mouth!)