Sunday, April 27, 2008

oh, for pete's sake!

I can't stop thinking about this amazing silk paisley tunic from tracy porter. this one goes beyond the usual "have to have it" obsession...I've been dreaming of this one since sometime back in december when it made it's stunning debut in the catalog. and when I say dreaming, I mean dreaming. there I am floating through a variety of scenes, all smiles and calm efficiency: solving problems, saving the day, making a small child giggle with delight, delivering a persuasive speech to an audience of dolphins, dancing a jig in a small irish pub in the 1930's...all while looking flawless in my fabulous silk paisley tunic! only to wake up to the harsh reality that it's STILL NOT MINE (not to mention looking nowhere near flawless). usually my clothing crushes subside and I'm able to spare myself another self-indulgent jacked-up purchase ($280!), but this one won't let up. thought I would blog about it; sometimes that subdues the electric charge.

a little bird told me the stimulus checks are arriving sometime next week. I really, really think I deserve a larger check because I have done way more than my fair share of stimulating the economy over the past 20 years. maybe I should testify at a congressional hearing in support of the stimulus checks being a regular reward system for those of us who in their twenties happily consumed 3-for-$1 frozen burritos and ramen noodles so that they could purchase a pair of apple green pointy-toed stiletto-heeled mock-croc boots (oh how I miss those boots!). do you think the congressional dress code allows for silk paisley tunics?