Monday, April 14, 2008


I took today off to have a much-needed long weekend and have some time to research a summer retreat. I dream of a getaway that mixes yoga, nature, artistic expression and maybe some other interest of mine (without being too new-agey, the thought of running around a bonfire in the buff with total strangers frightens me).

so, I'm perusing kripalu yoga's catalog of summer programs and see a retreat that catches my eye and I'm giddy with excitement: pancakearama!!! My mouth drops open, my eyes grow tenfold and my skin is tingling with disbelief. this will be the best summer camp EVER! I had no idea that there were others who were so fond of both yoga and pancakes! who knew there was an actual market catering to my kind?

I take a closer look to get the details and realize that it actually reads panchakarma (an ayurvedic cleansing ritual). only I could imagine that there would be a summer camp mixing yoga and pancakes.

I'll keep looking...