Wednesday, April 2, 2008

wtf? wednesday

I couldn't even put up a photo of him with this post, I find him so hideous. I didn't want him here, peering like the monster he is, lording it over the cute maryjanes, paisley dress, and supersweet swinging girl. the fact is that he just doesn't belong in my beautiful world. there is no place for him. at the sight of him, I am thrown into immediate loathing and protective mode. wha? huh? who let him in here? there he is everyday, everywhere: loud, obnoxious, bullying.

I am writing of the (dare I speak the name) dodge ram crew cab pickup and any other of the beastly giant suv-truck monsters that litter and pollute our roads (figuratively and literally). I just don't understand why someone (anyone!) needs to drive a vehicle larger then a military tank on quiet suburban roads or tight city streets. what is going on in your life that a regular car or truck just won't meet your needs?

I am not even going to get into the environmental side of this because I can't stop pondering what it is that people who research, purchase and drive these vehicles are thinking/compensating for. I often think that maybe the answer is that they have chosen a vehicle that is an extension of their personality (or lack thereof). which would explain all the aggressive tailgating, constant rumbling and ridiculous misunderstanding of those yellow lines in the parking lot.

some say that a vehicle this size is needed for all the stuff. hauling all the stuff. now, I am a great appreciator of stuff, but I've never had the need for that much stuff in one trip.

some say they're necessary for large families. pioneer woman has one, I've seen it on her blog. yeah, but she has four kids, is married to a real live cowboy and lives on a working cattle ranch. that should be the minimum criteria for the purchase of one of these beasts. she has to contend with real live bulls for pete's sake. and the truck really seems to be happy there, in his natural habitat.

must run, the blue giant across the street just woke from his slumber, which tells me it's time to be off for work. hey, they do serve a purpose...