Thursday, June 12, 2008


so the last few weeks and months have been yet another period of self-evaluation for me. certain experiences and circumstances have led me to question more than normal (and I question a lot, just ask my poor husband and coworkers!).

here are just a few of the things I am currently pondering (and the triggering event):
  1. how do you maintain a youthful spirit and remain relevant as you age? (the r.e.m. concert on tuesday was pure bliss. the band is my age cohort and I was delighted that their energy and talent were just as fresh and edgy as 20 years ago. by the way, the crowd--also mostly my age cohort--not holding up as well.)
  2. when do we outgrow being worried about getting in trouble with our parents? (this month's self portrait challenge is "nude"--a challenge, indeed. I shot some extremely safe photos that I think are really good, but can't bring myself to post them in fear of my parents seeing them.)
  3. how do you effectively integrate freedom and responsibility? (I took a few days off last month and getting back to work was painful beyond the normal re-entry from vacation.)

I'd love to read any comments you may have. there is so much wisdom and experience out there...I'm all ears...