Monday, October 13, 2008

mosaic monday

I ♥ cooking. well, more accurately, I ♥ food. good food. and I ♥ all the lovely accoutrement to food and everything culinary (except the ubiquitous ms. ray). so I was just so delighted to see a beautiful, colorful cooking store open in my little burg.

culina carries an amazing selection of kitchen tools, gourmet, organic and international foodstuffs and a rainbow wall of cookbooks. yesterday, I participated in my first cooking class. I think this is going to become a habit for me.

on the sunday brunch menu:

eggs benedict on homemade brioche
roasted potatoes with dried leeks, herbes de provence and caramelized onion
homemade granola on greek yogurt
hot cocoa with sweetened cream

I went primarily to master the art of poaching an egg. that was handled in two minutes: just buy the little green silicon egg poaching cups. I went away with a new love for unsweetened real cocoa (no low-carb swiss miss here), greek yogurt and appreciation for the labor of love it requires to create beautiful brioche.

I ♥ culina.

(I know, I just wanted to get in one more ♥. I'm feeling very ♥♥♥ today!)