Friday, May 29, 2009

five senses friday

hello friends. here's how my week shaped up, sensually speaking:

  • the first fireflies of the season. I love that there are only one or two out there, pioneers on the dating scene, lonely and signalling.
  • in my mind, I can see this rug in my dining room. I'm not sure what "price band W2" means, but I have a feeling it means I won't be seeing this rug in my dining room any time soon.
  • milky white gardenias the size of oranges.


  • the cicadas arrived on the plane with the fireflies for their summer visit.
  • and thunderstorms. huge, booming thunderstorms. the scary kind.
  • once in a while, I surprise myself and fall in love with some good old down home american music (re: my 2003 obsession with be good tanyas); blame sally is my new lazy-summer-beer-on-the-lawn fave.
  • the woody thunk as the mallet hits the croquet ball.


  • fresh asparagus so many ways!


  • baby soft skin after serious total-body exfoliation treatment. why can't it stay this way?
  • the humidity's back too...I love the feeling on my skin when I transition from sticky warmth to air conditioned cool.


have a beautiful weekend!!!