Wednesday, February 3, 2010

speaking it

truth #1: I am softly blown away by your comments. I feel charmed to have so many love experts visiting here, your words and thoughts are profound and poetic. you are {each of you} magically delicious. I am grateful beyond words.

truth #2: I am a truthteller. I have high regard for the reality of a situation and seeing things as they are. I have this strange little radar for deception, distortion, hidden agendas, false motivation and things that don't make sense. I don't purposefully do this, it happens naturally. I zero in on and am compelled to set things straight. while I like to think of this propensity as a wee superhero power, I can be a bit too determined when a softer tactic would work just as well. I need to remember that reality can be harsh.

I met m. several weeks ago. she is half my age and one of those people who walks into your life and you instantly know is bearing gifts and talents and grace. I was a hot mess at her age. the way she holds herself and carries her history astounds me. she said these words to me, "speak the truth with love." I won't get into the context in which these words were spoken, but this simple sentence lit up in neon over her head as her mouth formed the words. so simple, yet life changing for me.

the truth is important. but truth is also hard. what I love about this statement is that it helps truth gestapo-types such as myself pull back a bit, think about why and when it's appropriate to intervene, to tread carefully and to consider that all that cloudiness may be protecting a fragile soul for a truth too difficult to bear. on the flip side, for those who are challenged with speaking the truth at all, it makes it okay {necessary even} to look at and talk about what is.

when it's done in love and with love, it's the most fearless and beautiful thing we can do.