Friday, July 29, 2011

this weekend

consider expressing your love in a letter.

  • betty lived in my childhood neighborhood and always let the neighborhood kids swim in her pool.  as an adult, i had a sudden memory of her pool and felt regret that i never thanked her (i saw myself shamelessly splashing about in the water and then eating her homemade ice cream and then running with her three-legged dog in her yard without regard to her).  i tracked down her full name and address and sent her a letter thanking her for her kindness.  she wrote back (i lived across the country at the time) with the most heart-felt expression of love and wrote in her shaky handwriting that i was the first who thanked her for generosity.  she said that seeing happy children was thanks enough, but it was wonderful to be officially recognized.  is there someone from your story with whom you could share your gratitude?

  • you know how good it feels when you get a little unexpected sticky note of sweetness?  it's easy to do it for someone you care about.  or leave anonymous notes in public for a stranger to discover like kindness girl does.

have a beautiful summer weekend friends!