Thursday, March 19, 2015

around here

class cancellations due to snow left happy me with lots of time to create.  i am trying to avoid new art supply purchases until i use the things i have, like these caran d'ache colors.

something came over me and i painted with white, yellow and orange; rare choices for me.

is rumi like the sexiest 16th century man ever?

i'm optimistic about color and other things this spring.

i've wanted to cook with matcha for a long time, so i made some green tea and almond muffins.

the verdict:  they tasted yummy, but i wanted way more of that green matcha color for the (very high) price of the tea.  i'll try ice cream in a few weeks and use more than the recipe calls for to see if i can get that amazing spring green.

we started spring cleaning and organizing.  our local health food store has majorly upgraded their bulk spices, herbs and dry pantry staples.  i'm finally putting to good use all those jars i've hoarded away like a crazy grandma.  

i finished this piece last week and i am so in love with it.

i'm daydreaming of herbs and succulents on the sill and a meadow of wildflowers on that facing slope.  

another hoarding endeavor that is paying off:  mismatched carnival glass.  i'm thinking about a midsummer party...

these guys.

another thing i've wanted to cook:  lotus root.  i made this soup with lotus root, carrots, purple sweet potatoes, spring onions and asparagus.  the lotus roots are pretty and have an odd taste. the rest of the soup just tastes like spring.