Sunday, October 11, 2009

sunday sweetness

as I made my usual rounds this week in my little bloggy neighborhood, I was awestruck by moment after moment of boldness. there are a lot of big leaps, risks, and courageous moves unfolding out there. is something in the air?

I love that we are an evolving lot, always thinking and dreaming and moving toward an improved, enriched, fulfilled, exciting life. I think one of the worst ways to live a life is to continue to be the same, to live, work and love in a way that doesn't rock the stability boat.

what move {big or small} will you make this week that will take you closer to the life you want to be living? I invite you to leave a comment and let the rest of us know how you are manifesting your desires. I am going to sign up for an art class and create some photoblocks for my etsy shop. and if the opportunity arises, I plan to make a move like my friend kenda. so bold that one; I am just in awe of her courage.