Tuesday, August 17, 2010

see you in september

um, i'm going to need another break. 

a few weeks ago, a little brown bat snuck in my house.  he hid for a few days then reappeared with random fly-bys while i was in bed reading.  bats are sneaky little mofos...he'd swoop and flutter over me (see me frozen with fear clutching my book) then retreat to some unknown makeshift bat cave in the casa.  i slept with the covers tightly secured around my neck, just like when i was eight and certain dracula was making nightly rounds on castro lane.  i couldn't find him until the next day.  as ken was out of town, i was left no choice but to suit up and be all bad ass bat hunter myself.  i knew i couldn't go another night with his shenanigans, so i put on my big girl pants and caught him.  then, animal lover that i am, i let him go in the great outdoors.

i was pretty darn proud of my fearlessness and told the saga with bravado and joked that my little brown bat looked nothing like edward cullen. 

then the rabies stories started showing up on the evening news and in the paper.  who knew that bats are primary carriers of rabies?  and you can't feel it when they bite you?  i didn't even know that if you get rabies, you are almost guaranteed a quick and horrible death. 

i don't know if i was bitten.  but he did have a few nights of stealth access to my bod.  and because i let him go, there was no way to test his little bat brain.  given this, my doctor has ordered rabies shots.  friends, you have no idea how i am so not looking forward to this.  i hate going to the doctor.  i hate needles.  i hate substances in my body that are intended to kill. 

trying to look on the bright side here:  i'm grateful that there is a way to prevent my death, that i have health insurance and i know the series of shots (the thick syrupy burning one with the long needle being the first) will be over before i can say "holy immunoglobulin batman".  i am also grateful for any prayers and sweet mojo you can send my way.

see you soon.


update:  eight needles down, four to go.  it actually wasn't so bad.  thanks for the sparkly calm thoughts and prayers friends, i felt them.