Saturday, September 17, 2011

me by mindy

everyone (and by everyone, i mean my mom) always tells you that you need to be friends with 1) a mechanic, 2) a doctor and 3) a lawyer.  these relationships don't seem to be bearing friendships in my life.   

i'm drawn to poets, storytellers, hoolahoopers, yogis, stargazers and artists.  truth is, i'm working on being a card-carrying member of this group.  for now, as i toil away in the realm of the doctors and the lawyers with their diagnoses and laws and arguments and blame,  i allow my creative friendships to nurture me and fill me with hope.  i love seeing their lives and their work blossom in the warmth of the sun.  i love being there in their quiet periods and observing how their muses flutter between and among them like graceful powerful fay.

i love how artists see me.  they see the good and tell me and show me.  even my nasty bits carry a sheen of mythical power.  for that, i can't thank them enough.  it saves me.

this painting of me is by the very talented and magical mindy lacefield.  she sees a girl who has hope, who loves and trusts people, who believes in things like smiling and laughter and play and forgiveness despite the truths that she knows.

thank you true friend.