Tuesday, July 3, 2012

dispatch from derecho-land

hello lovelies!

i am squeezed into a tiny corner backstage at randolph college theatre, where power was restored last night after friday's ridonky storm, squatting among theatre lights and forgotten props.  it feels good to be back in the twenty-first century.

it's been four days since the massive wind storm took down trees and power in my city.  i am grateful that our little forest stood strong, it gets quite scary when that kind of wind hits and you are surrounded by giant trees.  it was dark, but i could hear limbs cracking all around.  the morning light on saturday revealed the devastation and just how lucky we were.

our power at home and cell phone service remain out.  the dogs are super hot and panty (hot dog breath is not pleasant) but are enjoying their afternoon sprinkler romps to cool down.  i am missing air conditioning and coffee, but have a newly discovered love of lounging in a cool bath in the dark silence.  there is no ice to be found in the city.  also, the downside to eating fresh/local/organic is that you have zero non-perishable food in your house when a disaster strikes. 

hopefully all will be returned to normal by the week's end.  and i will be ever-more grateful for the little luxuries of my life.  for my life.

july 6 update: 
omg!  going on eight days without power in hot and humid weather.  totally miserable.  i am wilting.  every time i start to do something, i just want to go lay down and take a nap.   this was so not the way i intended on beginning my new life after leaving my job.  on the other hand, napping ones way through a disaster has its benefits.  also, typing in this bright clear blue makes me feel better.  it is the opposite color of real life right now.

july 8 update: 
day.  effing.  NINE. 
it's so freaking hot.  i can't sleep well and i'm kinda stinky. 

i want to submerge myself in a bath full of watermelon icee.

today's text is in red, because that's how i feel.  inside and out.  all good electricity mojo appreciated.

july 9 update:  
yay!  power is back.  we survived.  although our thermostat said it was 94 degrees in the house, so i'm not sure how we survived.  there are some neighborhoods who still have not been restored.  i really feel for them.  i've done a lot of thinking the last week about possibilities for going off the grid.  there's a lot to be said for the whole self-sufficiency movement.