Monday, March 25, 2013

bits of magic here and there

the cold and dark winter is lingering well into spring.  this morning my little forest is covered in heavy white snow.  this is the latest blizzard we've experienced since moving to virginia nearly twelve years ago.  it's in my nature to be disappointed when expectations (bright sunny skies, blooming trees, hikes and picnics, etc.) are thwarted and my mood is certainly affected.  i find myself vacillating between wee temper tantrums and bouts of melancholy.

reluctantly, i move from resistance and solution-finding into acceptance and surrender.  i mean, it's the weather; there is not much i can control or direct there, right?  might as well enjoy one more week of hibernation and indulge in the bright side:

  • a delightfully unexpected week home (all travel and classes cancelled this morning)
  • time i didn't think i had to start seeds for the karma garden
  • hot homemade spicy lentil soup is still appropriate
  • been feeling tossed around a bit lately, i think i might need some time to find my footing
  • the silence of the earth when covered in snow is so beautiful; winter truly is the introvert's season
  • a stack of books and many naps
  • gratitude for a heated house, healthy food, good sheets and warm bodies (of the human and canine variety) to snuggle