Saturday, May 11, 2013

a good scottish dog

sweet roxy dog is courageously fighting a decline in her health.  she has lost her sight and struggles to make it up the stairs.  we made the difficult decision to treat her nutritionally and holistically at home.  she experiences extreme anxiety at the vet and we had a not-so-great outcome years ago when our beloved fox terrier milo was treated with traditional medical techniques (and by not-so-great, i mean a suffering dog who ultimately didn't make it in the end and huge debt fueled by guilt).

all of us (me and prof. parks, roxy, luca and simon) appreciate your prayers and mojo for a healthy happy dog and good judgement for her parents.

update:  sweet roxy dog crossed over on june7.  i know she is frolicking with her friends milo the terrier and bodhi the siamese.  i miss her so.