Tuesday, June 18, 2013

color and the city {№3}


marianne elliott was in the city on her book tour and we got to hear her tell stories from zen under fire.

hell's kitchen flea:  reflections of sky and scrapers and pucci.

a fortune teller in union square.

the citibike program was the most-talked-about issue during our visit.  it was only in its second week.  as the days went on i saw more and more people taking advantage of the blue bicycles to tool about town. click here to see what jon stewart has to say about the program and have a laugh.

what's not to love about a city full of dogs and food?

twilight walk on the highline.  a must.

new york is a city of languages.  all of them, i bet.

not sure why the need for a carnival in the middle of central park with its acres of rolling grass, duck ponds and zoo.  but still, a carnival!

i love the energy of the west village most of all.  i believe that i shall live here in my next life.

or maybe this one.