Sunday, October 6, 2013

sunday grace: indian summer and the serendipity of leaves

an indian summer has such a poetic ring to it.  i try to love it and appreciate it for what it is, but the reality of a string of ninety degree days in october almost always feels harsh.  it happens nearly every year:  the trees begin to speak the soft language of autumn and then summer, the party guest that was asked to leave a few days ago because we are all exhausted from the frenzy she brings, loudly bursts through the door for one last poorly executed joke.

what is the message here?   for me it is nearly always about soothing my impatience and slowing down and being present in this moment.  instead of the moment that lies ahead, that i'm hoping for (in this case, my favorite season, autumn).  because undoubtedly when i reach that moment, i will be thinking ahead to the next one.  and so on...

i love it when i notice patterns in the collection of images i capture along the way.  lately, there are leaves.

leaves that nourish...

leaves that mesmerize.

on saturday, we were lucky to hear photographer binh danh speak about his work and see some of his incredible photos.  mr. danh speaks of nature...leaves, grass, ground, bark...holding the memories and emotions of events that it witnessed.  just as the photograph does.  some of his work involves working with photography on leaves and grass, particularly haunting images from the era of the vietnam war.

there is just something so incredibly beautiful about the leaves holding our stories.