Sunday, November 24, 2013

gratitude {№12}

grateful for the little things like eyeglasses.  mine broke last week and i had to search high and low for my spare pair.  during the hours i was without, i was so frustrated and felt really lost (in my own home) and even cried a bit.  i can't imagine how it would be to not have these extra set of eyes that allow me to see details of this beautiful world and read words on a page that fill my heart and move me to engage in the world.

thank you eyeglasses inventor!

paying it forward here.


butterflymountain said...

Yay for glasses! I'd never trade mine in for contact lenses :)

helen tilston said...

Glad you found your spare pair. I love your crochet hat. Did you make it
Helen x

curious girl (lisa) said...

thanks helen. i purchased the hat at an art fair and then wove the sari ribbon through it. :)