Sunday, July 6, 2014

sunday grace

“very little grows on jagged rock. 
be ground. 
be crumbled, 
so wildflowers will come up where you are.”

grace keeps showing up as summer flowers, both wild and tamed, and endless opportunities to practice. 

some things i am practicing this summer:
  • being crumbled (reading pema chödrön helps)
  • being ground (ditto)
  • softening the edges
  • rest
  • wellness
  • using what i have
  • growing a garden
  • avoiding news 
  • allowing tenderness and accepting help
  • not always having to be right
  • and when i am, not always having to assert it

if you have been here before, you might notice that not one of these things is new.  i have to remind myself to practice each one.  over and over and over again.   this summer i'm exploring my pockets of resistance around these practices. it seems i've been given extra (not huge, but persistent) opportunities to practice some of the more challenging items on the list.  with each step of progress and every awkward gaffe on the journey, i reach a new level of understanding and integration, a fuller definition of how these things are true for my individual life.

grace is also showing up as opportunities to be curious and learn.  i'm not sure if i've mentioned it here before, but om yoga teacher cyndi lee relocated from nyc to our little burg last summer.  next weekend i'm so happy to participate in her yoga body, buddha mind workshop. 

and there are a few flower workshops, art classes and virtual gatherings on the horizon.  

and travel, for work and for fun, always a learning experience.

and nights out back, sitting under the stars with him, talking about beautiful things.

how are you experiencing grace this summer?