Sunday, October 19, 2014

calligraphy workshop

i spent a wonderful autumn morning at TOOLRY in loveburg this weekend for a calligraphy workshop taught by kathleen of leen jean studios.  the space is always beautiful, and bekah, kathleen and carrie did a fantastic job of making it extra special on this day.

everyone is instagramming their place at the big TOOLRY table; each space was beautifully appointed with brand new supplies and the most amazing goodie bags.

my space:  i love it when i feel cared for like this and when i know i will have everything i need.

the air was scented with just-out-of-the-oven cookies and coffee and the leafy-smokey smell of october gently blowing in through the bright yellow doors

kathleen's love of her art was contagious.  i loved learning from her.

calligraphy is not as easy as it might appear.  there was a lot of practice and getting the feel of the pen in our hands and ink on the paper.

my notes are almost always visual.

my tablemate and co-calligrapher meredith is left-handed.  i completely admire the extra work required of a lefty to create lovely letters.  and the extra-inky hazards they encounter.

i am so grateful for TOOLRY, this space was created with love and with the soul purpose of bringing together kindred creatives in a beautiful and supportive environment.

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