Saturday, December 13, 2014

a week in color {№16}

honestly, it's been a few weeks of color capturing, but still.    i'm loving all the green and gold with flashes of pink that are happening in my life.

my friend jessica collected and sent me some beautiful guinea feathers from her father's farm in texas. they were promptly placed in kwan yin's winter crown.

i love when shops veer away from those bright red plasticvelvet bows, which i have never understood, and toward beauty.  christmas doesn't have to be red and green.

speaking of veering:  my market had peonies the other day.  it was totally environmentally irresponsible of me, because they had to have traveled all the way from the southern hemisphere, but i could not help myself.

i am totally addicted to european hot sipping chocolate (think rich hot cocoa with a near-pudding consistency).  i made my own the other day, infused the cream with cardamom, and it turned out quite lovely.

even though my wrapping paper collection is rivaling the mason jars as the primary evidence in my involuntary commitment hearing, we decided to use up all those old new york times arts sections to wrap christmas gifts this year.  tied up with a simple gold curling ribbon.

the influence of saturday night fever on my early artistic eye is showing; it's all being painted gold.

stay gold loves.