Sunday, May 7, 2017

resiliency toolkit: grace is tiny

those moments and gestures of grace that save us, they are typically not grand.  they are often so small that we might not even feel them if we are not present and paying attention.  this particular week they looked and sounded like this:

  • an accidental yoga sequence that is rocking my world
  • jasmine, sprouting up and blooming in unintended places, scenting me home to california
  • "being a flawed ally is really the only way to be a true ally, i appreciate your humility."
  • facebook is not really functioning well, so i am there less and allowing myself to be organically weaned from the fucking nonsense while maintaining the meaningful connections
and on the regular:
  • that first cup of coffee
  • falling asleep to a story read aloud
  • the steady loyalty of my dog luca
  • slow living: leaving behind busyness and multitasking and overscheduling and any remaining needs to be seen and approved of
  • when the smoke from incense or burning sage fills the room and the sun beams upon its swirling magic

(tiny ganesha was captured at the sublime bedford yoga studio)