Sunday, August 24, 2008


two-thirds of my first photo and design project are completed. I photographed and designed the poster for randolph college's first theatrical production of the season, splendora. then I worked on quick designs for the other two productions of the 08-09 season for publicity and postcards (these designs may or may not morph into the final posters for the plays).

I don't even know where to begin to evaluate this work; all objectivity has left the building. because this process came so very easy and quick for me, I have a tendency to think the final product may look like beginner's work. I want it to look professional, stylish and do it's job. can something of beauty and purpose be created so naturally and without tension, doubt or humility? if so, I think it's so very different from my "real work". the process left me feeling proud, accomplished, artistic, but as I look at the final product, I worry that my beaming pride is clouding my objectivity. can it really be this easy and delightful? my husband was so supportive and encouraging to give me this opportunity, I hope he doesn't settle for less-than-spectacular because it's me.