Friday, December 18, 2009

five senses friday*

  • awesomely exhilarated to see my photos on apartment therapy and used in an upcoming zine ad. it's kinda weird at the same time...
  • the big picture.


  • when I wake up in the middle of the night, it's so quiet outside I can hear the deer and squirrels going about their business, crunching the ground and munching their finds. {I hope they're deer and squirrel anyway.}
  • being at a conference and hearing the words "keep fighting for kids" and "don't stop talking about what's right" over and over and over again. affirming.


  • I preserved some lemons for a moroccan dish. the lemony spicy scent that floated through the house as they cooked was divine.
  • throw in a hint of a blooming paperwhite and you have the most exceptional fragrance. I wish there was a candle that captured this.


  • too much. the holiday indulgence crept up on me. and I was doing so well.


  • I'm obsessed with arm warmers. I've acquired about ten pair this season and wear them all day long. now when I take them off, I feel naked without their cozy warmth.

have a beautiful weekend my friends. we're expecting a big snow and I can't wait to cozy up inside by the tree with a cup of darjeeling and a good book. except there's that pesky last-minute shopping thing...

{*inspired by abby}