Monday, December 6, 2010

hooray for me, hooray for you

small but meaningful recent accomplishments:
  • christmas tree up and lit
  • survived (and weirdly, kinda liked) first bikram class and going back today
  • stopped myself from buying a vintage coat and felt okay with it
  • made art all weekend
  • ate the most amazing pistachio gelato sprinkled with crumbled up italian cookies and candied pistachios on my birthday with zero guilt and absolute bliss
  • am happy to be 46.  i feel good and am really excited about life.  my birthyear sister graciel noted that, numerologically speaking, my age now equals 1, which symbolizes the beginning.  how can i not be excited about that?
one little moment on the big c gave me some beautiful perspective on age.  if you don't know the show (first of all, it's incredible!), cathy is 40-ish and has just been diagnosed with cancer.  she really begins to cherish life and live it like she's always wanted to.   her aunt comes to her birthday party when she hasn't yet told her family she is ill. the aunt is in her fifties, is dressed in a cheap dress from the junior department and has that face (you know the face!) morphed into unrecognizableness from too many surgeries.  when they are saying goodbye at the door, cathy looks at her with love and says, "it's a privilege to grow old."

what have you done recently that deserves celebrating?  tell me in the comments.  i'll be over here applauding your brilliance.