Wednesday, February 16, 2011

love the one you're with

if you've visited before, you've read about my longing to quit my job in child protection work and do something creative with color, images and words.  over the last few years, i've set serious intention, taken steps and even wrote a resignation letter.

and yet, i'm still here.  and then i go and take an additional teaching job dealing with the same exact grim subject. 

but here's something the teaching job does for me:  it takes me out of the daily, often hopeless, mess of the job and reminds me of its purpose and value.  and it reminds me of the reason i chose this job in the first place and why i should be proud to call it my profession.  i am a peaceful warrior for whom love and beauty and safety are within relatively easy access and i work to give little wounded souls a chance in this life.

what's not to love?