Tuesday, March 1, 2011

in like a lamb

hello march.  i have to say that this weekend i was much more enthusiastic about your arrival.  i had big plans of a month-long intensive health overhall.  i made a boatload of tabouli, spent way too much money on veggies at the market and scheduled a date with a three-day juice cleanse.  i planned to start this endeavor with a 5am bikram yoga class (i can't make the afternoon class on tuesdays and thursdays because i teach those days).

this morning, a very un-march-like me ignored the alarm and luxuriated away in my bed instead of getting my butt to yoga.  i now sit here sipping coffee, rethinking my purchase of that really expensive juicer, totally unconcerned that i'm going to be late for work, writing about my sad sad start.

hello march.  this is me.