Sunday, March 27, 2011

moments of grace

  • my neighborhood turns from brown to brilliant in the space of one week
  • a baby girl leaves the nicu for her brand new loving life
  • the look of happiness ken gives me when he comes home to find me in leggings, an old sex pistols tee and an apron furiously whisking a bechamel for his favorite:  lasagna (he loves it when i get super-wifey)
  • bikram yoga working its magic outside the hot room:  my totally fun saturday (garden shops! lunch! farm market! vintage! photographing!) turned upside down with car trouble, waiting and towtrucks.  i did not lose patience or my temper and spent the time waiting for the towtruck in awe and wonder at my peaceful demeanor
  • being kissed goodnight even though i am already asleep
  • waking up to the sound of tiny ice drops on my window
what moment of grace did you experience this week?