Friday, April 29, 2011


  1. last class of the semester was last night!  while i'm glad it's over, it was a pleasure teaching such a bright group.  i like to teach.
  2. i enjoy the sound of words spoken in sanskrit.  i'm attempting to learn my yoga postures by their original name.
  3. purple globe alliums!  quite possibly a contender with peonies as my favorite bloom.  all that backbreaking bulb-planting last fall?  totally worth it.
  4. i have to go to a work meeting this morning to discuss creating an informative and positive unit presence on facebook.  not really sure how i feel about this?  would you "like" child protective services?
  5. the royal wedding hoopla made me nostalgic for that other royal wedding that i watched through 16-year old sleepy eyes and literally uttered my very first "wtf?".  (never been a fan of the whole over-the-top-wedding-princess thing.)
happy weekend friends!  embrace the royalness of you!!!