Sunday, May 1, 2011

day one: the art of leaving your s#*t at the door

i have had a really crappy weekend so far on top of a really crappy work week.  nothing seems to be working or going my way.  i really needed to decompress and relax this weekend.  my dogs are acting like freaking lunatics, interrupting my sleep with non-stop barking and charging through the house like a herd of elephants.  (i tried to spin a story about mayday fairies being super active and that the dogs' sensitivity to this activity is causing them to play with the magical beings that only they can see.  it didn't work.  the dogs are just plain naughty.)  i am craving peace and quiet.  i am getting noise.

in addition, i am really scared about the 30-day challenge.  i had a couple of really hard classes last week and found myself doubting my ability to participate in and complete this project.   even though i know that each class is different and some are hard, some are easy, some are strong, some are beautiful, i find myself stressing out about this commitment. 

so here's my challenge for today and this week and this month:  leave it at the door.  all the insecurities, frustrations, annoyances, anger, fatigue, doubt and fear i am feeling will be flipped off with my shoes as i enter the studio.  any lingering negativity will be exhaled fully in the first bikram exercise, pranayama breathing.

it's one day, one posture at a time.