Tuesday, May 10, 2011

day ten: food for thought

yay!  i'm a third of the way through my bikram yoga 30-day challenge.  so far, so good.  i'm learning a lot about yoga, my body, my tolerance level, my monkey mind and the food i put into my body.

on the down side (and when i say "down side", i mean "totally learning to tolerate"):
  • tall people:  just because you don't fit on your yoga mat does not mean i have to make myself smaller to accommodate you in the room.
  • humidity:  you are my new nemesis.  i am a california girl.  we don't believe in humidity.
  • rules:  i never realized how much i adored you until i packed myself into a steaming hot room where a lot of the occupants disregard basic etiquette (talking above a whisper, flinging their sweat on me, putting their not-so-fresh feet on my mat, five used kleenex that blow into my space when the fans come on, etc. etc. etc.). perhaps a large "class rules" poster like in third grade would do?  or a quick check online for bikram yoga etiquette, like on this site.
on the up side (and when i say "up side", i mean "yay for me!"):
  • bread:  hello lover.  i've missed you.  who knew i really needed you after all?
  • back muscles:  so much lovlier than back fat.
  • feet:  i really appreciate you.  thank you for holding me up and helping me balance.  your kind doesn't get enough love in the world.
  • coconut water:  thank you for doing double duty because i really don't like plain water and i'm bored with spending half my life peeing.
twenty days to go!!!