Sunday, June 19, 2011

finding clarity

if you are seeking the ability to remain balanced when the confusion of the world swirls about you and people are pulling or intentionally blurring your focus, i recommend bikram yoga.  the biggest shift in me since i began this yoga six months ago has been the slow and steady development of an inner point of stillness and clarity.  i'm not all the way there yet, but i am amazed at the change in me. 

this is the thing that keeps me going to class when the outdoor temperature and humidity match the hot room.  this is the thing that i have been trying to cultivate my entire life.  now that i have a bit of it, it makes my throat seize with regret and sadness when i think of how the absence of it steered my life in directions i did not intend to go. 

composure, definition and the ability to quiet the monkey mind are all possible.  this is a very good thing.