Sunday, June 5, 2011

meet virginia

while purging my closet a few weeks ago, i rediscovered my explorer hat.  i'll be staying close to home this summer but am experiencing a profound sense of wanderlust, so tiny road trips are in order.  i hope you come along as i peek into wee corners of my lovely state. 

imagine you and i tooling down the byway, cameras in hand, ready to halt our conversation and pull to the side of the road to experience virginia.  there will be a lot of traditional american countryside for sure, but we'll search beneath the surface to find the quirkiness and unexpected too.

first stop, harrisonburg: nestled in the amazing shenandoah valley and home to james madison university and lavender farms.

white oak lavender farm is in early bloom and will continue to flower through the summer.  the air is softly scented with the many varieties of lavender grown.  and it is indeed a farm:  there are horses, goats, chickens and ducks too.  it's set up for visitors, with relaxing seating vignettes throughout the property designed for resting with a cold glass of lavender lemonade and taking in the beauty of this space.

from the farm it's a five minute drive to harrisonburg's historic downtown. 

classes have let out for the summer, so it is pretty quiet.  the campus is right next door to downtown and there are a few lingering students riding about on their bikes.

i ate the best gyro i've ever had (and i've had a lot of gyros) at dave's taverna.

let's walk around a bit.

vintage signs, you make me so happy.

kline's dairy bar is way old school.  you will not find organic cardamom gelato here.  sweetness is served up soft and icy.  my peppermint milkshake was the most interesting color of coral red, but it was fantastic.

harrisonburg, i like you.