Sunday, February 5, 2012

winterlove {№4}

rainy cold days in winter bring on intense bouts of summer roadtrip planning.  i can feel the wind in my face, my bare feet warming on the dash and the sharp freeze of a blue icee on my tongue.  i can hear the clatter of a diner full of strangers as i await my pancakes.  i love a roadtrip and it's been much too long.

some random things i've seen on roadtrips:
  • a pig/boar/creature roadkill the size of a vw beetle in georgia
  • wall drug
  • when we drove across the country, our trip agenda accidentally fell in sync with a cross-country tour of the promise keepers.  it prepared us for life in lynchburg.  all the public praying and carrying on.
  • spontaneous roadside shakespeare
  • foot tall banana cream pie
  • stunning scenery.  we live in an amazing land.
where would you like to go?  i'm thinking about tackling the longest yard sale this year.  at least the southern part of it.  has anyone been to this?  do tell.