Friday, February 17, 2012

winterlove {№6}

four days away from the office. 

four days to check off the goodness on this list:
  • mad hunt for new boots.  i want gold boots.  is it weird to want gold boots?
  • also:  black quinoa to make a delicious winter version of this with blood oranges and pom seeds in place of the peaches
  • locate the perfect spot in la casa for ginormous metal and lightbulb peace sign
  • haircut.  you may ask why a haircut is on a goodness list?  it's because my stylist rocks!  she is hilarious and truly an artist of the hair.  also, scalp massage.
  • i need a new good book.  any suggestions?
  • cuddle time.  i love my man and his new yoga body is nice to look at. 
  • sunday morning yoga.  it's my church.
  • whole foods trip.  it's odd i know, but i really like strolling the aisles of whole foods.  it inspires me to be my healthiest best.
  • also strolling said store with hot yoga man and gold boots would really make me smile.
what's on your list for the weekend lovelies?