Sunday, March 18, 2012

the organic garden

behind the campus of randolph college, where my husband teaches (me too, every other year), a group of students started a community garden.  this year ken surprised me with our own little four-foot-by-ten-foot plot.  on saturday we spent a few hours clearing out our little space and dreaming about what we wanted to plant.

new young chickens arrived a few weeks ago.  these are ameraucana birds, who lay the lovely teal-colored eggs.  we can get all of our eggs from the garden.  they are totally organic.  and we can express our gratitude to the chickens.  good food karma.

several students spend their saturday afternoons helping out around the garden.  sweet kay came over to lend a hand with our weeding.

there are fruit trees too.  the peach trees are in bloom.  they are so bright, the air surrounding them is almost tinted pink.

the ducks roam free between the plots.  there are several ponds where they splash around and engage in duck shenanigans.

our plot is on a terraced slope, with a view of the chicken houses.  the bees buzz around their hives behind the chickens.

it is such a beautiful place to make friends, enjoy some peace and grow good food.  children chase the ducks as their parents work side by side with students from around the world.  there is a meeting space off to the side.  i've heard stories of gatherings around the bonfire after hours of hard work, coming together to talk and celebrate the garden and all of its gifts.

einstein is the boss of the chicken house.  he's quite handsome, don't you agree?

we feel so lucky to have this space.  our home sits in a forest of trees and is too shaded to grow vegetables.  i'm looking forward to the goodness to come this summer.