Friday, August 3, 2012

happy weekend friends

it's been a month since i left my job and i'm in no hurry to return to busyness.  sometimes i feel like i need to be doing more, earning money, taking more responsibility.  the pressure to be productive gets to me.  people keep asking me what's next?  any interviews?  (i'm not actively job searching.)  what do you want to do?  we get really nervous about someone doing nothing.

this is what i want to do:  i want to be happy.  i want to figure out what it is i came here to do.  i want to clear out the stress, the pressure, the ridiculousness of the past (work) decade. 

if that's not productive, i don't know what is. 

this is my agenda:
  • homemade chai
  • finding a meadow
  • reading love story (i've never read it or seen the movie)
  • watching gymnastics and feeling like eleven-year-old me falling in love with nadia
  • planning a camp trip
  • wondering if i can make my own tent
  • letting go and trusting
  • a mad collection of delightful imagery
  • laughing hysterically
  • shakespeare
  • birthday cake