Tuesday, October 9, 2012

an early hibernation

my heart has been telling me to take a little break from the social side of the internet, including facebook and my blog.  why is this so hard to do?

i have increasing frustration with the over-marketing i am hit with when i go on facebook.  i used to love strolling through my newsfeed, seeing what everyone was up to, from the mundane to the epic.  now it's like one giant commercial and it seems that everyone has an e-course, retreat, book or coaching gig to sell.   i understand the need to get the word out, but it's just too much for me right now.

and blogger, oh my.  i've been told by several people that they are unable to comment on this blog because of the crazy word verification.  i've disabled it a few times and am instantly hit with massive spam.  i don't understand blog spam, do you?  how are they getting traffic by posting clearly spammish comments on blogs?  so i've had to turn the word verification back on.  and it's like crickets.  while i've always tried to not be overly attached to the number of comments any post gets, your voice is one of the most lovely bits about blogging and it certainly feels a little too lonely around these parts lately.

feeling unheard and unimpressive in both spaces.

so...two or three weeks?  let's see how i do.  i'm going to be busy with work and the rest of the time i'll be enjoying october and the real-life love and company of friends, coworkers and lover (there's only one lover).  maybe i'll experiment a bit with facebook filters.

i hope you have an amazing october friends.  it's the most beautiful month.  live it in real life.