Friday, October 5, 2012

the (happy) view from here

oh hello there october.  you kinda snuck up on me this year.

i'm so glad you are here.  you make me happy.

also making me happy:
  • working from home
  • and the backyard (aka the technicolor dream forest), sitting crosslegged in the purple adirondak chair under the japanese maple
  • biggest problem of the day:  remaining focused on curriculum and not daydreaming about creating my own labyrinth in aforementioned backyard
  • working barefoot
  • working in yoga pants
  • watching these two
  • living in a city that has a great walking and biking trail
  • joyful genius babies
  • exploring the lives of artists, dancers and writers previously unknown to me while working on myers-briggs for artists
  • purging (everything from email subscriptions to old magazines to clothes that no longer show the world who i truly am)
what's making you happy this week?