Saturday, September 29, 2012

tiny saviors

things that save my soul wee bits at a time:

  • lavender kombucha mixed with ginger kombucha
  • washi tape
  • in the current deluge of euphemism and metaphor:  simple truths spoken in simple language
  • regular old facebook status updates instead of more things to push and sell and p.r. 
  • the fortune cookie that says, "the current year will bring you much happiness."
  • the job offer that i'm still afraid is too good to be true.
  • being paid what i am worth.
  • writing this post instead of "tiny things i hate"
  • mumford and sons and emmylou harris together (thanks michelle, i would have never known)
  • speaking of michelle:  this
  • predawn walks in the rain with luca dog
  • and my all-time favorite:  falling asleep to the sound of my favorite person in the world reading aloud