Tuesday, September 25, 2012


autumn is my new year.  i've said it before and each year it becomes more clear.  it's in the air dancing with the tiny golden leaves, crisp breezes and soft scent of campfire:  change.  it is the time for renewal and transition and jumpstarting.  do you feel this way too?

last night i was lucky to be a part of my friend and squam cabinmate jess greene's jumpstart creativity tour.  (side note:  i swear wayonda 2009 was the magic cabin.)  i am so in awe of jess and have been endlessly inspired by her ideas and journey.  she's travelling around the country, stopping at different cities to get people making art.  (what?!  i know!)  there are a few east coast cities left on the tour.  go if you get the opportunity.  you will be happy you did.

over the last few months, i've been pulling together materials for my myers-briggs for artists program and i am endlessly fascinated with the concept of intuition.  my intuition (in this context defined as my worldview and what i know and trust to be true) was smothered in my prior job.  since leaving, i'm exploring letting my intuition run wild, seeing what unfolds, playing with the ideas and imaginations that come up, living my intuition.  it just feels good.  and true.

i've also been exploring my apache heritage, a long-ignored but essential part of who i am.  this little piece is my touchstone honoring the connections between intuition, creating, culture and the wild spirits of my ancestors.