Thursday, November 22, 2012

gratitude: week three

happy thanksgiving friends.

i am so grateful for each of you.

i am grateful for this space to write it out and capture moments and cultivate a life of awareness.

also, so thankful for these things:

  • my insatiable need for color
  • the buddha on the thanksgiving table
  • we've named him honey buddha
  • as in "honey buddha don't care that there is no turkey"
  • honey buddha also doesn't judge that there is lasagna and mashed potatoes
  • thankful for meg worden and the work we did earlier this year
  • and that i totally forgot to get the family-sized package of squishy rolls
  • that's right, forgot, as in completely slipped my mind!
  • because that job that made me want to stuff squishy rolls in my mouth is no longer mine to bear
  • and other squishy roll needs are being met in more appropriate ways
  • grateful that this list does not have to be serious
  • because we do not have one single truly serious need
  • so i will end it here
  • and say a blessing for children living in fear and poverty and anger
  • honey buddha cares about that
  • and so do i