Thursday, November 15, 2012

gratitude: week two

thankful for:
  • an introvert's lunchtime scavenger hunt (a little something i'm alpha testing for type-ography)
  • enthusiastic and energetic students
  • solitary sunrise drives
  • soba noodles, black sesame and seaweed salad 
  • (for three dollars!)
  • three dogs who greet me at the door after a long day with so much (really noisy) love and happiness
  • the pride when i see my man on stage as uncle vanya
  • a sweet friend who is going to teach me to make homemade kombucha (you too...right here next week)
  • after way too much research, giving up the idea of vegetarian "turkey" and deciding to go nontraditional for thanksgiving
  • a good week
{photograph captured at lunchtime discovery appalachia press.}