Monday, December 3, 2012

a different drummer

today i am 48.  a happy 48.  i am loved, safe, healthy.  and (maybe, finally) understood.

i received a birthday card from my mom and dad yesterday.  it was the first sentiment i've received from my parents that felt like true understanding.  it refers to (and celebrates) me as a "true original" and "someone who dances to her own beat".  this may seem trivial to some, but this 5x8 hallmark card represents forty-eight years of struggle on all our parts:  me, a quirky girl with a imaginative mind, daring ideas and endless curiosity, fighting (sometimes literally) to be who she is and them, concerned parents desperately wishing for a more grounded, agreeable and traditional child.

it's the best gift ever:  being loved and accepted for who you are.

speaking of birthdays, i am on the faith squared advent calendar with a little nod to another december baby.  (it may be later today when it goes live.)

the image above is a shot of rusty belle performing on the charlotteville walking mall on saturday.  how much do you love his drum built from scraps, a pan and a baby shoe?  and his swanky sunshine shoes?  pure joy.  i wish you could have heard the music.