Monday, December 3, 2012

a different drummer

today i am 48.  a happy 48.  i am loved, safe, healthy.  and (maybe, finally) understood.

i received a birthday card from my mom and dad yesterday.  it was the first sentiment i've received from my parents that felt like true understanding.  it refers to (and celebrates) me as a "true original" and "someone who dances to her own beat".  this may seem trivial to some, but this 5x8 hallmark card represents forty-eight years of struggle on all our parts:  me, a quirky girl with a imaginative mind, daring ideas and endless curiosity, fighting (sometimes literally) to be who she is and them, concerned parents desperately wishing for a more grounded, agreeable and traditional child.

it's the best gift ever:  being loved and accepted for who you are.

speaking of birthdays, i am on the faith squared advent calendar with a little nod to another december baby.  (it may be later today when it goes live.)

the image above is a shot of rusty belle performing on the charlotteville walking mall on saturday.  how much do you love his drum built from scraps, a pan and a baby shoe?  and his swanky sunshine shoes?  pure joy.  i wish you could have heard the music.


Emm said...

Happy Birthday! What a beautiful gift from your parents to finally feel their acceptance. Hope you've had a wonderful day xx
p.s So love those drums :-)

alteredstatesstudio said...

a very happy birthday to you lisa! and the drum is too cool not to make amazing music, huh? thankful that with age comes comfort (and understanding....) with who we are as people because you are a beautiful, colorful, creative person with a unique view of the world; so thankful you share your pics and your voice on this blog!

Graciel said...

was it something in the star-alignments at the end of 1964? A very similar issue for me, that different drummer thing and them wishing I was more traditional.

that card is a true keeper.

you warm my heart and soul.

welcome 48. let's make it a grand year! xoxo

Bella said...

Happy Birthday, Lisa. I'm so glad you are feeling content on this day. xo

Mindy Lacefield said...

Happy Birthday darling friend. In my mind we are sitting by the dock at Duck sipping on a beer. basking in the sun. laughing. (being birthed through a butterfly) i love you so much!!

elizabeth said...

happiest birthday wishes, Lisa!!

so so so glad you are standing in your light and LOVING being seen. xoox, e

Angie said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! Acceptance is a wonderful gift to receive, particularly when you can give it to yourself.

Thank also for the lovely advent musing. Baby J is a precious gem the church has to offer this chaotic world.

kendalee said...

Special day in more ways than one then - what a wonderful gift! Wishing you love, laughter and the music that makes your quirky feet dance and twirl... today and always! xox