Thursday, December 5, 2013

a gypsy birthday

my birthday was earlier this week and i was on the road teaching.  i was staying in a little mountain town by myself.  the day started off a bit sad, with mediocre pancakes at a highway diner (and not a highway diner that in any way begs for its photograph to be taken).  with some encouragement from instagram and facebook friends, i made a conscious effort to improve the day.  and it worked.

here is what happened:

  • i discovered that the person i was working with that day (which is totally a random assignment) had their birthday the exact same day.  
  • i played sirius xm 1st wave all day long and it was like hearing the soundtrack to my life.  i was lost in remembering beautiful moments and people who helped make me who i am.
  • also, i still know all the words to all the songs!  and i sang loudly and badly because i was in the car by myself.  i'm pretty proud of this.
  • a strawberry birthday cupcake with a candle to blow out after my wish.
  • a little bag of confetti at the bottom of my purse (inspired by hulaseventy).  it was thrown.
  • i left hotel housekeeping a big tip because i got a bit carried away with the confetti enthusiasm.  it was everywhere.  i know it must have sucked to have to vacuum it up, but i also hope it made her smile momentarily.
  • a girl on the street told me i looked like carrie brownstein on portlandia.  thank you very much.
  • i went for a walk in the tiny downtown beautifully lit up for christmas.  i stumbled across the greatest little dress shop with colorful stars that hung from the ceiling and the best music playing.
  • while in the shop i was quietly singing along to the smiths when a total stranger began singing too.  we both looked at each other and smiled and continued to sing the rest of the song together.  it was awesome.
  • i got an early gift from mr. parks and they are the best birthday gift ever:  vintage floral dr. martens.  it's good to be known.


Graciel said...

oh, you are such a beautiful soul.

one more year for us, and then...then!


kendalee said...

This made me smile on the inside and the outside!!!

The journey through your day & how you turned it around was lovely to imagine - so inspiring and uplifting. When I reached the bottom of the list and read about your floral Docs, my heart turned over. Two things made me especially happy for you:
- the boots themselves, of course (are there any more perfect boots for you?!)
- and the gift-giver, who clearly just "gets" and loves you (and knows how to show it!)

What more could I wish for you?

I also reflected on how you have a knack for just zeroing in on and reminding me of the important stuff. I have a pair of knock-off floral Docs that I LOVE but have not worn for a while. You inspired me to take them out and put them on, and I felt great in them. I was taken back to of one of the very first "conversations" that you and I had about a beautiful pea-green coat... I recall a similar reaction in myself then and recognising in that moment that you are a special person and how lucky I felt that our paths crossed in cyber space.

I know I've been all but invisible of late but I just wanted to share this and, most importantly, thank you. Not just because of how you make the world a better place by sharing your special brand of beauty and colour, or because I see some kindred spirit in you (always a lovely thing) but because of how you continue to inspire me to notice and be mindful of the important things in my own life by sharing what you notice and are mindful of in yours. That is no small thing. Thank you!

I also wish you many, many beautiful moments dancing through the world in your new boots!