Monday, December 30, 2013

stand in the place where you live

i tend to avoid the ubiquitous.  one exception is the foot photo/standing-here self-portrait, which i have been doing for several years.  i love taking these photos because 1. they provide space and time to stand still and be present and 2. create a lovely end-of-year snapshot of where i've been.  if you'd like, you can see previous years' collections here (just scroll past this current one).

a few things about 2013:

  • i happily became accustomed to a slower pace of life, with more precious space and time
  • i became a better traveler, mainly due to the gypsy job
  • i fell in love (again) with nyc
  • i spent a lot of time barefoot
  • ditto staring at the sky
  • i struggled with being vegetarian and had to balance nourishing my body with my strong opinions on meat-production (ultimately reintroducing organic/local/humanely-produced animal products, which turns out to not be a lot around here)
  • i embraced meditation
  • i avoided most crowds, too much noise, those personalities that drive me over the edge (passive-aggressive people, narcissists, fear-and-rage-mongers) to the extent possible 
  • i had a lot of time to think, daydream, plan and try new things
  • i wasted a lot of that time learned the value of doing nothing

as i reflect on the year, i consider it to have been really good overall, if not somewhat non-eventful...a resting year.

now face north.