Friday, January 31, 2014

a week in color {№3}

i am celebrating the end of january over here.  because it was ridiculously cold.  luckily, it was sunny most days despite the cold.  this helped immensely.

it also helped that i spent a lot of time in the art studio playing with paint and stencils and drawing and such.  i am taking mati rose's daring adventures in paint and i am loving it.  i especially love the weekly assignments to seek out color.

even on a brutally cold day (you guys, it was no degrees out.  NO degrees!) these happy prayer flags down the street kept smiling and waving.

learning new art techniques means more trips to the art store.  hello happy place.

when the virginia winter gets to be too much for this california girl, i make myself a cup of super spicy mexican hot cocoa, languidly peruse frida kahlo's unbelievably beautiful diary and daydream of the sun and the color and the spirit of mexico.

i was doing a bit of organizing and ran across the little yellow cloth bag of mia's old winnie the pooh game pieces.  a kind woman gave them to her while we were at a yard sale when mia was four or five (which was a good thing because i had no money to buy them at the time).  there was never a board or instructions, mia just made up her own rules each time we played.  these pieces are so old, they are made of wood and paper, absolutely no plastic.  i love this happy colorful memory.