Wednesday, January 8, 2014

a week in color {№1}

my first week of 2014 was a good one...i hope it was for you too.

the first wild unknown card draw of the year was the six of wands, which asks, "where will you go with your new set of wings?"  (i have a regular practice of drawing a focus card once a week to guide my intention and thoughts.)

i indulged my inner 10-year-old with rainbow shoelaces and some puddle-hopping.  trying to rev up my walking practice.

here is the newest ganesh to play at the altar.  i love his spirit  also...seeing a curvy fellow execute scorpion makes me happy and hopeful.

i put a bit of the sea on my kitchen windowsill to remember the wildness of the ocean.

simon prefers the beds unmade.  i can live with that.

luca is experiencing seasonal affect disorder.  he's been quite curmudgeony lately.  weird thing is, the grouchier he is, the more i love him.

i've been craving and devouring so much citrus.  i am listening to my body and it is telling me to eat more fresh organic oranges, clementines and grapefruits (or pamplemousse, as the french would say and i like to say too because it's kind of the most awesome word ever).

i started a new sketchbook for the year.  is there anything better than a clean blank book?  i am joining moorea seal with her 52 lists project.  click over if you are interested too.  our first list was words that touch my soul.

thank you first week of the year.  i hope things continue in this colorful, peaceful, lively vein.