Sunday, May 4, 2014

a week in color {№7}

oh friends, thank you so much for your kind words and warmth and love regarding my last post.  you lightened my heart that was so heavy with fear that we would lose our wire fox terrier child luca.  i am over the moon to report that all the love and light and prayers and happy thoughts worked!  luca recovered from his mysterious illness almost as quickly as he succumbed to it.  one moment i was stroking his head and thanking him for being such a good boy (tearfully saying goodbye) and then he kind of just popped up and decided to still be.

dogs, like children, are incredible teachers.

i am overflowing with gratitude.

in other news, may is here and she arrived wearing the loveliest colorful frock.  the forest is a mix of pink and white blooming trees and those in full pea-green leaf.  the sun is clear and soft.  there is enough rain to (kind of) keep the pollen in check.

there is painting and daydreaming and reading and (yes) working outside in the dappled light and warmth.

there are sunday morning pancakes with rainbow sprinkles.  i've always wanted to make these!  their sweetness was perfectly mellowed by ginger syrup.

there is a lot of clearing of the old and wintered on gypsy hill.  the polar vortex took out some of our favorite plants, including the vine that has covered the pergola for over ten years.  i'm still trying to decide on its replacement:  wisteria or honeysuckle?

there are many trips to the garden shop.  one of which resulted in a carload of peony bushes.  it's not an inexpensive endeavor to rebuild the lushness that developed over a decade, so i will be patient and measured and grateful for the beauty that is already here.

and then there is this:

luca goofball sugarbutt parks says have a beautiful week friends.